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the sun has come out

the sun is gay

*white girl voice* why are the hot ones always gay

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everything about this is pure gold.


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Ah yes because us men don’t know this, we are mindless animals who must always be reminded so

Well with all the times you fuck up, we cant really take anymore chances.

Ah yes because the poster was intended just for men, because that’s what is says of course. Because even in a serious issue that affects everyone, you still managed to make it about yourself

40% of rapists are female and it’s practically legal for women to rape and assault any gender in western society thanks to the lack of education and awareness. We finally have a gender neutral anti-rape poster, and people still make it out like only male-on-female rape exist. 
This is why we can’t have nice things. 

Make what you will of this, folks. Because this is what they’ll probably say next…except that they already have.
Third wave feminists are truly my favourite types of idiots.

Sexual situations can be a huge grey area. Because if you are going to fast the other person might say some of the same things, but that doesn’t mean they want you to stop. Pushing you away means they want you to stop. But stoping your hands for one minute, while still kissing the crap out of you, or saying stop when they mean your hands are going too far at the moment, but again still kissing and rubbing all over you, and then guiding your hands later… Yeah. Sexual situations can be very confusing. Like if someone says no or stop, then gets really horny a bit later, are you supposed to stop them because they wanted to stop a second ago? If the person is all over you, doing very sexual things and clearly wanting stuff to happen, how are you to know if they are say too inebriated to consent? How do you know if either of you are too gone if the other person is stimulating the crap out of you? Also, what do you do if your body clearly wants it, but your head doesn’t want it as much? Or am I looking way too deeply into all of this?I see all of these posts on rape and saying no and stuff, but I see nothing about body language saying yes, and how to tell if your partner really wants the sexy times or not. And what do you do if your partner is extremely submissive and will go along with you whether they want to or not, just because they want to make you happy? Or something like that?- Mod Helga